M Abdur Rahim Medical College



The Centre for Medical Education (CME) is responsible for designing a curriculum for the courses in accordance with the guideline provided by BMDC and approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The curriculum is adopted by the Committee of Courses and Studies appointed by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chittagong. The Principal of Medical Colleges and the faculty implement it.


Assessments are of two types:
A. Formative Assessments
B. Summative Assessments

 Formative Assessments are made in all subjects throughout the course and results are recorded in cards, designed to provide feedback for remedial measures with a view to improve both the students’ performance and teaching programs.

 Summative Assessments known as Professional Examinations, are conducted by the University at the end of each phase and comprise of written, oral, practical and clinical examinations. Each subject has an appointed Board of Examiners. Half of the members of a Board are drawn from other universities or from other colleges of the same university. MBBS examinations are held, in January and July. BDS examinations are held in February and August each year.

Examination schedule for MBBS course

1. MBBS course will be of 05 (five) years duration plus 01 (one) year rotatory compulsory Internship Training

2. There will be 4 Professional Examinations during the course.
a. At the end of 1 & ½ years-    1st Professional Examination
b. At the end of 2 & ½ years-    2nd Professional Examination
c. At the end of 3 & ½ years-    3rd Professional Examination

d. At the end of 5 years-            Final Professional Examination


3. There will be 2 Two Professional Examination in each year.
1st week of May
1st week of November

Subjects with marks allocated for different Professional Examination will be as follows.

In 1st Professional 

Anatomy-       500 Marks
Physiology-    400 Marks
Biochemistry- 400 Marks
Total:          1300 Marks

In 2nd Professional 

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology-  300 Marks

Community Medicine-                     300 Marks

Total                                                 600 Marks

In 3rd Professional 
Pathology-                                         300 Marks
Microbiology-                                   300 Marks
Pharmacology & Therapeutics-        300 Marks

Total                                                 900 Marks

In final Professional 
Medicine-                            500 Marks
Surgery-                              500 Marks
Obstetrics & Gynecology-  500 Marks
 Total                                  1500 Marks

* Pass Mark will be 60% separately in Written, Oral, Practical and Clinical Exam.

Marks & patterns

* Marks and pattern of questions in written Examination in each subject will be as follows:

1. 10% Marks of written examination of each paper of each subject is allocated for formative assessment.
2. 20% Marks are allocated for MCQ for each paper. There will be separate answer script for MCQ examination. Time allocation is 1 (one) minute for each question consisting of 5 alternatives (20 questions).
3. 70% Marks are allocated for SAQ (Except in Community Medicine) for each paper.