Ethical Committee

A renowned Ethical Committee of MARMC is formed to guides investigations / researches of this institution. Any research projects funded by the government or non-government agencies, college own research studies and publications in professional journals necessitate the research project to get an approval from this committee.


  • To provide independent, competent, and timely review of the ethics of proposed researches/studies.
  • To contribute to safeguarding the dignity, rights, safety, and well-being of all actual or potential research participants.
  • To take into consideration the principle of justice-which requires that the benefits and burdens of research be distributed fairly among all groups and classes in society, taking into account age, gender, economic status, culture, and ethnic consideration.
  • MARMC will be independent from political, institutional, professional, and market influences.
  • To ensure that there is regular evaluation of the ethics of ongoing researches/studies that received a positive decision.
  • The MARMC will have due regard for the requirements of relevant regulatory agencies and applicable laws