Journal Volume 01, Issue 2, July 2008


Gastric Cancer Related Etiological and Prognostic Factors
Talukder SI
Original Contributions
Histopathological Patterns of Prostate Specimens in Mymensingh

Talukder SI, Roy MK, Azam MS, Huq MH, Haque MA, Saleh AF
Efficacy of Short-term Low Dose Oral Steroid in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Alam MM, Ullah AK, Haque A, Sardar AH, Mohammad KD
Anti-biogram in Acute Pharyngitis: A Study of 137 Children Cases
Chowdhury P K, Mazumder P K,  Khan N M, Das RK
Oral Acyclovir to Treat Herpes Zoster: A Prospective Case Control Study
Mannan MA, Sarker MH, Doha B
Relation between Position of Goitre Patients in Family and Parity of Mother of the Goitre Patients
Badaruddin M, Uddin MB, Khatun M
Review Article
Raised Plasma Homocysteine: an Emerging Risk Factor for Ischaemic Heart Disease: A Review

Kabir MS,  Majumder AS,  Bari MS,  Chowdhury AW,  Islam MN, Sarma PK, Ahmed AF, Haque SS