Journal Volume 04, Issue 2, July 2011

Original Contributions
A Clinical Evaluation of AAB Scoring System in Surgical Practice and Some Statistical Tests for Clinical Implementation
Faruquzzaman,  Mazumder SK, Haque MJ, Akter SU
The Prevalence Rate of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Rural Population of Bangladesh
Rahim MA, Rahman ML, Mostafa AW, and Ahmed SF
Exfoliative Dermatitis: Study of 40 Cases
Sarker MH, Doha KB
Evaluation of Solitary Thyroid Nodule at Nuclear Medicine Centre Dinajpur – Our Initial Experience
Bose BK, Rimi KR,  Ahsan Kamrul, Talukder SI
A Clinical Study to See the Predictive Utility of Glasgow Coma Scale in Acute Organophosphorus Poisoning
Hasan AM, Haque MM
Dengue Infection in Adult: A Clinical Study of Fifty Cases
Haque MM, Khandakar MK, Nurullah AM
An Analysis of 100 Road Traffic Accident Victims
Islam RN, Monsur MA, Asaduzzaman M
Practice of Intranatal Care and Characteristics of Mothers in a Rural Community
Saklain MA, Haque AE, Sarker MM
Measles Outbreak in Adults at Dinajpur
Hasan MK, Haque MM, Haque MO, Alam SJ, Rubaiyat KA, Ali SM
Study on Detection of Rhesus-D Antibody and Titre of Chittagong Division
Rahman MM, Mondal AG, Islam MA, Begum D, Sultana MT
Review Articles
Role of Blood Group Serology in the Detection, Identification and Investigation for Criminality in Bangladesh
Mondal AG, Islam MA, Rahman MM, Begum D, Sultana MT
A Review on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
Hasan MK, Haque MO, Haque MM, Ali SM
Case Reports
The Krukenberg Hand – A Case Report

Ahsan K,  Mondal AG, Mahmud SA, Rimi KR
Primary Tuberculosis of Glans Penis: a Case Report
Hasan MZ, Khondker HH, Khatun M, Talukder SI
Exaggerated Thelarche: An Unusal Variant of Premature Thelarche
Rahman MH, Mannan MA, Mondal MG, Begum D, Nahar D