Journal Volume 05, Issue 1, Jan 2012

Original Contributions
Clinical Trial of Ionizing Radiated Bone Allograft Combined with Autologous Red BoneMarrow for the Treatment of Bone Defects
Ahsan K, Hossain SN, Mahmud SA
Outcome of Different Invasive Procedures in the Department of Cardiology, Dinajpur Medical College Hospital
Kabir MS, Islam MN, Ahmed AK, Matin MA, Barkatullah MA, Rahman MM
Acute Appendicitis: Faults and Fallacies in Clinical Diagnosis
Hossain MM, Sobhan MA, Talukder SI
Spinal Anaesthesia vs General Anaesthesia in Case of Caesarean Section
Hossain MA, Begum J
Clinical Study and Hospital Outcome of Different Types of OPCs and Carbamate Poisoning in a Tertiary Level Hospital
Haque MO, Hasan MK, Haque MM, Alam SJ, Alam MM, Hasan MM, Rubaiyat KA
Histomorphological Patterns of Glomerulonephritis in Patients Presenting with Acute Nephritic Syndrome
Rahman MA, Kamal M, Rahman MS, Biswas MA, Sarker RA
 Metabolic Syndrome in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Nath RK, Mridha MU, Sarker KR, Mollah FH, SFerdousi S,  Rahman M
Surgical Site Infections in Relation to the Timing of Shaving among the Gastrointestinal Emergency Patients through the Midline Incisions
Faruquzzaman, Mazumder SK, Haque MJ, Akter SU
 Age Related Incidence of Carcinoma of Breast in Females
Alam A, Faruq TA, Bahar MM, Sultana MT
 Effects of Ceftriaxone and Gentamicin for Antibiotic Prophylaxis of Caesarean Section
Khatun M, Sultana S, Khandkar HH, Hamid T, Hasan MN
Case Reports
Hydatid Disease in Femur: A Case Report

Khandakar HH, Islam S, Begum BA, Khatun M, Alam MA 
Foetus Papyraceous: A Case Report
Begum J
Retrograde Jejuno-gastric Intussusception: A Case Report
Basunia MA, Sultana S, Sarkar SC ,Ahmed A
Orthodontic Movement of Tooth for the Correction of Occlusion Prior to Prosthetic Treatment- A Case Report
Begum A, Sajedeen M, Hasan MN
Death of a Case of Criminal Abortion by an Unskilled abortionist
Biswas H, Das RK, Talukder SI