Journal Volume 07, Issue 1, Jan 2014

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Original Contributions  
Morphological Variants of Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid
Alam MA, Islam KN, Ali SM, Rahman AN, Kamal M
Obstructed Labour – Still a Tragedy in Developing Countries: An Analysis of 100 Cases
Akhter SN, Tarannaum R   
Neonatal Seizures: Etiology and Hospital Outcome
Sarker SA, Ahmed SF, Rahman MM, Ali SS,  Rehana Z,  Ahmed S,  Farzana F, Bose BK, Begum J

Etiological Spectrum of Pancytopenia
Basak TB, Talukder SI

Evaluation of Haemoglobin and Platelet Count in Pre-Eclamptic Women
Yasmin F, Islam MS, Faisal FM, Farhana A, Rehena Z, Nurullah A, Talukder SI, Ferdousi S, Ahmed S, Ahmed AN
Prevalence and Pattern of Head Neck Malignancy in Rangpur Division
Al-Robbani AM, Islam MM
Clinical Profile of Dengue Infection
Basak TB, Talukder SI
Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) and Forced Vital Capacity in 1st Second (FEV1) of Apparently Healthy Non-smoker Adult Obese
Zahid AZ, Sarkar CR
Implementation of Newly Proposed Appendicular Scoring System (ASS) for Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis in Surgical Practice– A Clinical Study
Faruquzzaman, Mazumder SK, Hoque MJ
Review Article  
Management of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Prevention of Post Thrombotic Syndrome
Khan IA, Ali  SY, Uddin MN, Biswas H, Khan MU, Khanam S
Case Report  
Mirizzi Syndrome and a Preoperative MRI- A Case Report
Faruquzzaman, Mazumder SK, Hoque MJ
Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation – A Rare Cause Of Uterine Haemorrhage
Tasmin SF, Akhtar MJ. Mondal RN, Rani M
Cosmetic Look of a Severely Injured Patient Following 14 Years of Attack of The Royal Bengal Tiger- An Old Story With Recent Appearance
Faruquzzaman, Mazumder SK, Hoque MJ