Journal Volume 07, Issue 2, July 2014

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Original Contributions  
Neonatal Hypocalcemia – A Study of 43 Cases in Dinajpur Medical College
Sarker SA, Rehana Z, Kuddus A, Farzana F
Surgical Management of Thyroid Lesions in Dinajpur Medical College Hospital
Akhter MB, Siddiqui MM, Rabbani MG, Talukder SI
Dermatoglyphics of Patients Suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Ahmed W, Bose BK, Rimi KR, Khan AH
Mean Diameter of Non-Growing Ovarian Follicles at Different Age of Bangladeshi Females
Yesmin S, Anwar S,  Begum AA, Rimi KR, Saha NC, Rahman MK, Ahmed S, Talukder SI
Histopathologic Pattern of Enlarged Prostate in Chittagong
Chowdhury MO, Ahamad MU, Salam A, Ahmed AM,4 Uddin MJ
Application of Real Time PCR for Detection and Quantification of HBV DNA in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients in Bangladesh
Majid F,  Islam MS, Moben AL,  Ferdoushi S, Nurullah A,  Talukder SI, Ashraf MS, Hossain M, Yasmin F, Tabassum S
Age Related Patterns and Frequency of Breast Lesions
Rahman MA, Siddika ST, Biswas MA, Talukder SI
Relative Disc Vertebra Body Height Index (RI) in Lumbar Spine
Ahmed W, Hossain SA, Rimi KR, Bose BK
The Prevalence Rate of Adult Asthma in Rural Population of Bangladesh
Rahim MA, Rahman MM, Alam MR, Aftabi NI, Rahman MM, Chowdhury SA      
Study on Goitre at Dinajpur Town in Bangladesh
Badaruddin M, Uddin MB, Khatun MF, Mim A
Vaginal Misoprostol Alone is Effective in the Treatment of Missed Abortion
Nessa M, Sultana T
Review Article  
A Review on Writing Multiple Choice Questions
Rahman MA, Rahman H, Islam MM
Case Reports  
Tuberculous Cervicitis Masquerading as Cancer Cervix: A Rare Case Study
Hossain MI, Sultana N, Nasreen M, Bhattacharjee P, Ahamad MU, Rahman Z
Large Cervical Fibroid – Endangering Life: A Case Report
Akhter SN