Journal Volume 08, Issue 2, July 2015

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Relation between Clinical and Arthroscopic Findings of Knee Injuries
Hossain SN, Ahsan MK, Hoque E, Rahman MM, Rahman MG
Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus and Associated Cardiovascular Risk Factors among the Santal (Tribal) Population of Dinajpur
Islam MN, Hossain MA, Islam MN
Microalbuminuria in Hypertension: Association with Age, Sex, Body Weight, and Creatinine Clearance
Islam MN,  Hossain MZ,   Ferdous A,  Islam MN
Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase (ESBL)  Producing Organism and its Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern to Ciprofloxacin, Amikacin and Imipenem
Sarker JN, Barua R, Saklain MA, Sultana H, Anwar S, Saleh AA, Tarafder S
VIA Test Results in Dinajpur Medical College Hospital in Screening of Cervical Cancer
Parvin MI, Alam MF, Alam AS, Sharmin I
Association of Human Papilloma Virus Type 16 And 18 With Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Oral Cavity and Oropharynx|
Saklain MA, Rahman MZ, Nasreen M, Haque AE, Sarker JN
Iodine Nutrition Status in Clinically Euthyroid Pregnant Women in Different Trimester Attending in Tertiary Care Hospital
Hossain MA, Fariduddin M, Khan MA, Emran MS, Alam KA, Hasanat MA
Evaluation of Treatment of Intra Articular Fracture of Distal End of Radius By UMEX, A Uniplanner Bilateral Mini External Fixator
Rouf MA, Ohab MA, Islam MZ, Rahman MM, Rahman MA, Hossain SN
Evaluation of Outcome of Treatment of Idiopathic Congenital Club Foot by Ponseti Technique under the Age of Two Years
Rahman MM, Haque MM,  Alam MJ, Rouf MA, Siddique ZR, Hossain SN, Hossain MM
Osteolytic Vertebral Lesion: CT Guided FNAC of  Cases to Detect Cause and Differential Diagnosis
Basak NC,  Das RK, Talukder SI, Habib MA
Gynaecological Cancers in Surgical Specimens – A Hospital Based Analysis
Rahman MA, Siddika ST,  Mazid MA, Talukder SI
Hepatitis B and C Infection and Exposure to Risk Factors among the Primary School Teachers in a Northern City of Bangladesh
Hossain J, Islam MN, Alam MS­, Shahzahan M, Ali MN, Mosawuir MA
Effect of Diazepam on Induced Acute Inflammation in Rat
Ferdous A, Rashid MU,  Habib A, Islam MN, Moosa A
Nipah Virus Infection In Hospitalized Children: Clinical Presentation And Out Come
Mostakim MA, Nabi SN, Bashak AK, Rahman M J, Suja-ud-doula AM
Hepatitis B Infection Among the Garments Workers  – A Factory Based Study
Islam T, Mustafa M, Mustafa M, Parsa N
Patterns of Head Injuries (Cranio-Cerebral)  in Road  Traffic Accidents in Riyadh Region of KSA
Rahman MA, Ramazan
Serum  Calcium  and  Albumin  Levels  in  the  Neonatal  Seizure
Mosawuir MA, Rahman MA, Zahid ZR, Hossain J, Akther S, Sarker SA
Role of Alanine Transaminase, Prothrombin time and HBV-DNA in the Diagnosis of Chronic Hepatitis B Induced Hepatic Fibrosis
Ferdoushi S, Mortaz R, Islam MS, Paul  D,  Parvin S,  Sultana T, Rahman MQ, Nurullah A, Talukder SI, Sarker S, Ahmed AN
Study of the Rape Victims and their Coping Behavior Pattern
Rahman MA, Ramazan
Serum Level of Chromium in Newly Diagnosed Type- Diabetic Patients
Ferdousi S, Mia AR, Banu LM
Effect of Smoking on Heart Rate
Khan IS, Rahman MA, Islam T
Review Article
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Testis in Male Infertility- A Review
Alam MA,  Islam MS
Case Reports
Placenta in Situ –  Years Follow up in a Case of Advanced Viable Extrauterine Pregnancy Extraction
Alam MF
Primary Cutaneous Actinomycosis of Lower Extremity: A Rare Case Report
Hossain MI, Khan AS
Vaginal Rhabdomyosarcoma in an Infant: A Case Report
Habib M A, Shamsuzzaman M, Khanum J A, Basak NC, Alam M S,  Talukder S I
An Apparently Healthy Girl with Poor School Performance – A Case Report of Hypothyroidism 
Khan MA, Hossain MA, Hasan MQ