Journal Volume 11, Issue 1, Jan 2018

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Health Crisis of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh
Islam MS
Original Articles
Smoking and Family History and Risk of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Alam MM, Rashid M
Nd: Yag Laser Iridotomies and Associated Complications
Rahman MH, Alam M, Sharmin I
Comparison of Optical Coherence Biometry Using SRK/T and Haigis Formulae in Eyes with Medium Axial Length
Rahman MH, Alam M, Sharmin I
Surgical Audit of Department of Pediatric Surgery, M Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital, Dinajpur
Uddin SB, Wahed MA, Salam MA, Rimi KR, Bose BK, Ullah KM, Choudhury MH
Outcome of Neonatal Surgery in Dinajpur, the Northern Part of Bangladesh
Uddin SB, Wahed MA, Salam MA, Rimi KR, Bose BK, Mohammad S, Alam MT
Morphology of Vermiform Appendix in Acute Appendicitis in Children
Chowdhury MH, Ullah KS, Mosawuir MA, Shah MR,Salam MA Talukder SI
Evaluation of Leukocyte Esterase Reagent Strip Test for Rapid Bedside Diagnosis of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Patients of Liver Cirrhosis
Hossain MS, Hossain J, Miah AR,Das SC, Ahmed DS, Gain G, Khan MR, Islam MN, Roy PK
Outcome of ICU Admitted Patient in Rangpur Medical College Hospital and Leading Causes of Death
Razzaque MA, Sultana S, Sarker MS, Rahman MA
Effect of Tobacco Consumption on Haemoglobin Concentration and Total Count of RBC in Tobacco Chewers
Sultana MF, Sarkar CR, Zahid AR, Ahmed N
Skin Changes of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) in under 5 Children
Nurunnobi A, Nabi SN, Jahan N, Karim MM, Rahman ML
Infant Mortality and its Determinants in the Context of Rural Bangladesh
Das SR, Raza AM, Biswas C
Serum Homocysteine Level in Vitiligo Patients: A Case Control Study
Sumi MN, Akter QS, Rahman H, Nahar S, Tanvi N
Sociodemographic Characteristics and Etiological Factors of Acute Leukaemia Patients Admitted in Rangpur Medical College Hospital
Kamruzzamn A, Nurunnobi A, Siraj S, Sutradhar P, Islam MS
Clinicopathological Analysis and Evaluation of Risk Factors of Lymphoma Patients Admitted in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Rangpur Medical College, Rangpur
Kamruzzamn A, Nurunnobi A, Siraj S, Ali ML, Islam MS
Immunization of Children in Rural Area of Gazipur District, Bangladesh
Nazneen H, Chowdhury M, Tamanna N, Imtiaz KS, Alam F
Body Mass Index (BMI) of Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Subjects and it’s Correlations with Venous Plasma Glucose – A Study in the Endocrine Out Patient Department (OPD) of A Tertiary Care Hospital, Dhaka
Hossain MM, Chowdhury RS, Amin MR, Mohiuddin SM, Gupta PK
Risk Factors and Immediate Outcome of Birth Trauma: A Hospital Based Study
Roy RK, Ahmed F, Uddin MJ, Siddique MB, Hossain MB, Khan MI
Depression and Anxiety Symptoms among Patients with Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia
Ahmed S, Monjur-E-Elahi M, Haque MM, Khatun MR, Rahman MM, Ekram S
Proliferation Index Expression in Breast Cancer: Correlation with ER, PR, HER2neu Status
Hosna AU, Choudhury T, Rahman F
Validity of Ultrasound Examination in the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis Compared with Surgical Results
Rahman S, Sattar A, Ahsan S, Kabir R, Nahar K, Jahan N, Caesar U
Serum Creatinine Level in Type 2 Diabetic Group and Non-diabetic Group–A Comparative Study
Sheme ZA,Mosawuir MA,Aktar MT,Akhter L,Khondoker F,Rahman MA
Body Mass Index (BMI) Among Students of Rangpur Army Medical College
Aktar MT, Sheme ZA, Khondoker F, Mosawuir MA, Akhter L, Kabir CS
Role of High Resolution Ultrasonography in the Evaluation of Thyroid Nodule and its Correlation with Histopathology
Miah MR, Ahamed MS, Alam MN, Paul D, Paul S, Uddin MB
Intravenous Use of Dexmedetomidine for Attenuation of Hemodynamic Stress Response to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation in Contrast to Intravenous Lignocaine
Munir MH, Rahman MM, Shaheen MS, Muniruzzaman M, Jabbar A, Hoque US, Rahman MK
A Comparative Study of Caudal Epidural Bupivacaine and Midazolam-bupivacaine Mixture for Post-Operative Analgesia in Children (2- 8 years) Undergoing Repair of Congenital Inguinal Hernia and Repair of Hypospadias and Circumcision
Talukder SI, Khan RU, Rahman MA, Chowdhury NS, Islam MH, Chowdhury HH
Detection of Multidrug Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii from Wound Swab Samples in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Dhaka
Hasan MJ
Combination of Different Methotrexate and Leflunomide (DMARD) in Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hossain M, Noman MU, Alam SZ, Ahmed AS, Leena JA, Khan FA
Single Fetal Death of Twin Pregnancies Maternal and Fetal Outcome
Nahaer MK, Begum A, Sharmin F, Begum MR
Case Reports
Angiokeratoma Circumscriptum (AKC) in a Young Girl
Kamruzzaman M, Khan RU,Das RK,Rahman MT, Talukder SI,Rahman S
Guillain-Barré Syndrome Associated with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Rashid M,Alam MM, Khaled A
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