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January 2019 Vol 12 No 1


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Global Burden and Trends in Use of Insulin to Treat Diabetes

Mukta MS


Original Articles


Relationship Between Proteinuria and Light Microscopic Changes on Kidney Biopsy in Lupus Nephritis Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Rajshahi

Monjur-E-Elahi M, Amin MZ,Morshed MS, Khatun MR,Rahman T, Haque MA


Serum Prolactin in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Afrin S,Sarker A, Anwar M, Sarkar CR,Sarker PC,  Zahid AZ


Comparative Clinical Assessment of Topical Calcipotriol, Betamethasone Dipropionate and their Combination in the Treatment of Localized Vitiligo
Haque AZ,Hoq AS, Rahman GM, Hossain KS, Rahman J


Evaluation of Reticulocyte Hemoglobin Content and Serum Ferritin in the Diagnosis of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Badiuzzaman S, Islam MS, Sultana T, Naim J,  Paul D, Ferdoushi S,Kabir AA, Ahammed MT, Nurullah A,  Choudhury AA, Rahman MQ


Diarrhoea in Burn Patients: A Study of 50 Cases

Mamid MA, Ahmed KI, Razzak MA, Sultana SN, Tanim MH


Drug Prescribing Pattern among Geriatric Patients in Rajshahi Metropolitan Area

Badhon NM, Habib MA, Nahar N, Moni SY, Hossain MI, Khanam S


Magnitude of Hypocalcaemia in Perinatal Asphyxia with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) in Term Neonates in Rangpur Medical College Hospital

Eman AK, Shamsuzzaman M, Khan R,Kamruzzaman M, Rashid MA,Albani SA,Azam MG


Clinical Presentation and Outcome of Self-Poisoning by Synthetic Pyrethroids – A Prospective Study of 100 cases in Dinajpur Medical College Hospital

Rubaiyat KA, Farzana F,Monjur-E-Elahi M,Khatun MR,Ahmed S, Hasan MK


Antiemetic Drug Prescription Pattern during Antenatal Checkup in Bangladesh: A Cross Sectional Study

Alam AS, Monjur-E-Elahi M, Nahar NS, Amin MZ, Rahman T,Khan MI



Smokeless Tobacco Consumption and Status of Blood Pressure among Rural Adults

Morshed MS, Akhiruzzaman, Rimi KR, Bose BK, Islam MM, Asaduzzaman A, Caesar U, Rahman MA, Rahman MA


Clinical Profile of Patients with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital

Akhter S,Rizwan A,Khondoker F,Mosawuir MA, Akhter L, Mostafa MW


Assessment of Sensitivity and Specificity of Multidetector Computed Tomography in Diagnosis of Lucent Lesions in Mandible

Barua S, Faruque MA, Hashinuzzaman R,Parvin MN, Sarker MZ, Kabir M, Islam MS


A study on Ectopic Pregnancy and its Management in a Tertiary Hospital

Khanam MM, Sheikh FA, Ara MI, Albani SA, Islam MS, Moniruzzaman A


Comparison Study between Intra Articular Injection of Ozone with Steroid and Ozone alone in Knee Osteoarthritis

Khan RU, Islam MH


Rabies-Related Knowledge and Practices among Rural Mothers of Birganj Upazilla  in  Dinajpur  District

Caesar U, Rimi KR, Bose BK, Islam MM, Morshed MS, Ali SA, Mamun JA, Amiruddin M


Comparison between ESWL and Ureteroscopic Holmium Laser lithotripsy in the Management of upper Ureteric Stones

Islam MS, Rahman MM, Chowdhury WA, Islam MM, Begum MR


Cardiovascular Risk Factors in CKD in a Rural Area of Bangladesh

Das D, Karim AE,Salauddin M, Noman MU, Alam SJ, Choudhury M, Das H


Evaluation of the Results of Early Repair of Open Tendo Achilles Injury

Aslam MM, Malek A, Khalek MA, Hossain SN


Outcome of Laser Lithotripsy for Ureteric Calculi: 260 Cases

Islam MS, Rahman MM, Chowdhury WA, Islam MM, Begum RA


Case Report


Ruptured Angular Pregnancy (Left) at 18 Weeks

Russo AS, Begum J, Tamanna S,  Akhter S


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