Journal Volume 15, Issue 2 July 2022



M Abdur Rahim Medical College Journal
(Former Dinajpur Medical College Journal)
July 2022 Vol 15 No 2


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Advisory Board
1 Monkeypox: Recent Outbreak Could Lead to a Global Pandemic
Farha A
Original Contributions
2 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Cirrhotic Liver Disease Patients
Rahman MT, Amin MR, Chakrabarty S, Ali MS, Sultana S, Elahi ME
3 Time Domain Parameters of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease
Mamataj S, Begum M, Akter A, Mamun SA, Rizwan A
4 Status of Immunity against Hepatitis B in vaccinated Nurses and Medical Students in a Tertiary Health care setting
Choudhury R, Chowdhury OA, Das S,Jhuma AA, Habib FB,Rahman MM, Abbas MG
5 Epidemiological Evaluation of Organophosphorus Compound Poisoning Suicidal Deaths in Sylhet
Islam T, Islam MS, Hossain MM, Munalisa TA, Nurunnabi M
6 Transabdominal Ultrasonographic Findings in Typhoid Fever
Rabbi AF, Farzana MN, Mohammad N, Khatun S, Hossen MF, Akter A
7 Malondialdehyde Level as Oxidative Stress in Geriatric Population in Bangladesh
Akter A, Mamun SA, Rizwan A, Talukder IJ, Mamataj S
8 Serum Ferritin Status in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Rahman MS, Nurunnabi M, Khan  MA, Rahman MM, Wahed A, Majumder M
9 Diagnostic Performance of Computed Tomography in Urinary Bladder Carcinoma
Barman S, Sarker RN,  Huda N, Barman DC, Biswas T, Kader T, Chowdhury HH, Ashraf  UB
10 Trends and Risk Factors for Doctors Suicide during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Internet-Based Survey for this Tragic Wake-Up Call
Farha A
11 Utilization of Maternal Healthcare Services in Rural Sylhet
Islam T, Nurunnabi M, Ahmed MS, Hoque MH
12 Knowledge about Exclusive Breast Feeding among  Women of a Rural Area in Bangladesh: An Observational Study
Rahman T, Siddique AB
13 The efficacy of Negative Suction Subcutaneous Drains in Contaminated Abdominal Surgeries
Mokarabin M, Debnath PK, Hasan MM, Siddiqui AB, Rahman MS, Mahmud A
14 Clinical Evaluation of Menorrhagia due to Leiomyoma with Histopathological Correlation after Abdominal Hysterectomy
Sultana SN, Pervin M, Hussain MM, Hamid MA
15 Study of Efficacy and Safety of Topical Tacrolimus 0.1% in the Treatment of Vitiligo
Akhter L,Rahim MR,Rahman LAhamed MK,Ahmed MR,Sultana MZ,Bari MA
16 Evaluation of Hepatic Masses in Rangpur Medical College Hospital
Parvin R, Nahar MN, Sarkar SK,Nahid F,Habiba U,Azad AK
17 Relation of Serum D-Dimer Levels and In-Hospital Outcome in Patients with First Attack of STEMI after Thrombolytic Therapy with Streptokinase
Mahmud A,1 Bari MA, Islam MZ, Shakil SS, Abdullah M,  Hasan MZ
18 Glycemic Status May be Affected by Many Factors in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Ghani MH, Morshed MS, Sultana T, Das SN
Case Report
19 Seizure as a Major Presentation of Wilson’s Disease: A Case Report
Saiduzzaman M
20 Case Report on Fetus Papyraceus
Parvin MI, Ara ZG
21 Information for contributors 290
22 Published Erratum 292
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