Journal Volume 16, Issue 2 July 2023

M Abdur Rahim Medical College Journal
(Former Dinajpur Medical College Journal)
July 2023 Vol 16 No 2


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1 2023: Alarming Rise of Dengue in Bangladesh Needs Urgent Multisectoral Action
Farha A
Original Contributions
2 Level of Preventive Awareness on Diabetes Mellitus among the Diabetic Outpatient in a Tertiary Level Hospital of Dhaka
Rahman MM, Juie BA, Arif MA, Yasmin F, Rahman A, Parveen T
3 A Comparative Study on Outcome between Pregnant Woman with GDM with Obesity and Pregnant Woman with GDM without Obesity
Asma K, Khan MS, Begum A, Khan F, Mollah MS
4 Knowledge and Practice of Health Care Personnel on Medical Waste Management at Primary Care Level of Northern Bangladesh
Sen SK, Intekhab AN, Rahaman MS, Rehana Z, Yasmin N
5 Relation of Serum Vitamin D Level with Parkinson’s Disease
Saiduzzaman M, Bhattacharjee M, Popy NN, Losy SA, Bhuya SI, Linckon K
6 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Breast Feeding and Weaning among Mothers of Children up to 2 Years Old in a Rural Area
Rehana Z, Samad MS, Farha A, Sen SK
7 Serum Electrolytes and Ovarian Hormones Levels in Young Unmarried Women with Premenstrual Syndrome
Rajia J, Begum M, Rahman F, Farid F, Ahmad F, Nurunnabi M
8 Clinical and Biochemical Correlation of Microalbuminuria in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Saiduzzaman M, Islam MA, Rahman MS, Rahman MM, Haque MM, Islam MM, Hossain MA,Alam MK
9 Radiological Study of Anatomical and Gender Variations of Maxillary Sinus in Adults
Fardaus L, Anwar S, Rimi KR, Das PK, Noor RI, Farha A
10 Radiological Analysis about Anatomical and Gender Variations of Frontal Sinus Parameters in Adults
Fardaus L, Anwar S, Rimi KR, Das PK, Noor RI, Farha A
11 Health Related Quality of Life of Parents Having Nephrotic Syndrome Children
Parveen T, Pinki SS, Nahar K, Parveen T, Alam MR, Haque A, Abbas MG, Ara R
12 Complimentary Feeding: Knowledge and Practices among Female Tea Garden Workers
Choudhury N, Islam MA, Hossain KJ, Khan MH, Sultana H, Siddika MA, Jannat HT, Abbas MG
13 Effect of Smoking on Sustained Handgrip Test of Young Healthy Male Tobacco Smokers
Tasnim R,Alam KI, Akter S
14 Effectiveness of Clonazepam on Sleep Quality on Maintenance Haemodialysis Patients
Ahmed E, Rashel AT, Ferdoush N, Nahar A, Paul TR, Nurunnabi M
15 Association of Maternal Serum Nesfatin-1 Level with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Wahid UA, Islam MM, Ferdoues T, Saha S, Rizwan A
Case Report
16 A 35-Year-Old Female Presented with Solid Pseudopapillary Tumor of the Pancreas; Treated Successfully by Whipple’s Procedure
Alam SI, Rahman MM, Shuvo AA, Mansur A
Letter to Editor
17 Single Dose of Prednisolone Can Cure Fever of Dengue in Short Time
Rahman M, Nazifa M
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