M Abdur Rahim Medical College

Academic Council

This is the highest body of the college. Principal is the Chairman of the Council. Members of the Academic Council are the Director of the M Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital (MARMCH), Vice-Principal, Head of Departments, all Professors, two senior-most Associate Professors (one from pre-clinical & another from clinical), two senior-most Assistant Professors (one from pre-clinical & another from clinical) and two elected students’ representatives. This body monitors and maintains control of the campus in order to ensure a smooth progress of the academic activities. It also refers the disciplinary matters to the Disciplinary Committee to take disciplinary actions against those who violate any rule or regulation of the college or of discipline.


Activities of the Academic Council:

২।Vice Principal 
৩।Academic Co-ordinator 
৪।Phase-1 Co-ordinator 
৫।Phase-2 Co-ordinator 
৬।Phase-3 Co-ordinator 
৭।Phase-4 Co-ordinator 
৮।Director, Post-graduate Courses 
৯।Journal Committee Co-ordinator