M Abdur Rahim Medical College


Modalities of Teaching and Learning:

All contemporary modalities of teaching, learning and training attributes are available at MARMC.

 1. General lectures

2. Tutorials

3. Practical and real time experiments

4. Demonstrations

5. Dissection

6. Hospital duties and real time patient handing and clinics

7. Autopsy

8. Field site training in the community

9. Surgical operations

10. Management of Delivery (Obstetrics)

11. Family planning operations

Postgraduate training programs
The rich infrastructure and modern clinical training facilities existing in the hospital has earned recognition for the trainees aspiring to enter into postgraduate courses. The recognizing bodies are Bangladesh college of Physicians and Surgeons (BCPS) for FCPS courses, Bangaboandu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), as well or others universities at home & in many other institutions abroad.At present 1010 bedded hospital has been occupied by nearly 1900 patients daily. These patients are also used as teaching subjects for students and trainee doctors. BSMMU, BCPS and all the Universities of Bangladesh used to recognize this training programs in many disciplines