M Abdur Rahim Medical College

Internal Medicine

Department of Medicine at the M Abdur RahimMedical College was the first department created when the medical college began over 25 years ago. The Department of Medicine has a long and proud history of research and discovery in the basic, clinical and translational sciences. Currently, the Department of Medicine is among an elite group of medical centers who are leading in the delivery of personalized medicine. Our impressive pool of talented researchers is renowned for bridging the bench to the bedside, and clinical research evaluations of new drugs and devices.

Faculty Members
Dr. Md. Nuruzzaman
MBBS,FCPS (Medicine)
Associate Professor & Head of the Department
Mobile- 0171***8901
Email- drzaman78@gmail.com
Dr. Md. Sarawarul Islam Mukta
MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)
Associate Professor
Mobile- 0171***6839
Email- mukta_sarawar@yahoo.com
Dr. Md. Aynul Islam
MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MCPS (Medicine)
Associate Professor
Mobile- 0173***7528
Email- draynul77@gmail.com
Dr. Shahab Ahmed
MBBS,FCPS (Medicine)
Associate Professor
Mobile- 019****6503
Email- shahabahmed121@yahoo.com
Dr. Md. Monjur-E-Elahi
Assistant Professor
Mobile- 0174****779