M Abdur Rahim Medical College

Forensic Medicine

The Forensic Medicine Department is dedicated to the study and subsequent application of several areas of the medical sciences which are applied to Human Body in order to assist the law for investigating a crime so that a full plausible reconstruction of the events in a crime like murder, sexual assault, poisoning or natural deaths could be made certain beyond reasonable doubt. It also deals with the concept of imparting knowledge of Medico-Legal responsibilities to the treating physician and various problems pertaining to the practice of legal medicine. The curriculum includes syllabus on Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Pathology, Viscera Packing Application of Anthropology, Toxicology, etc.

Faculty Members
Dr. Md. Amir Uddin 
Associate Professor & Head
Mobile- 0171***7385
Email- dramirdjmc60@gmail.com
Dr. Shanima Tarafder
Mobile- 0171***4310
Dr. Mst. Rahana Parvin Rina
Mobile- 0176***8607
Email- sparvejdnj@gmail.com